Gandmool Dosha

Gandmool Dosha

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The at which someone take birth and during the same time when the moon get replaced by the one of them from the six naskshatras (Constellations) is called gandmool dosha and these collective are called as Gandmool Naskshatras. The effect of the gandmool dosha is varying person to person due to nature and intensity of the naskshatras. In the study of Vedic astrology, gandmool dosha reckoned as inauspicious as less or more and the solution of the effect of the gandmool dosha must be cured or purified.
In Hindu astrology the amount of these naskshatras is of 27 in which there are only 6 naskshatras are called as the gandmool dosha naskshatras. When the moon changes its position with these 6 naskshatra at the birth of someone then this process give birth to a gandmool dosha. Following are the 6 gandmool
These 6 naskshatra are implying according to the two planets mainly that are Mercury and Ketu. gandmool dosha is appeared in the birth chart or kundali, if the moon is positioned under any of the 4 stages of any of these given naskshatras and according to its position or time it effect the life of someone. So it is very crucial to get remedy for the gandmool dosha so that the victim person will not face any problem in the life before the marriage and after the marriage.
Astrologer Rudra Sharma has enormous information about gandmool dosha which is beneficial for people who are under the affect of gandmool dosha.
He provides the remedies for any gandmool dosha so that people will not deal with the stumbling blocks in their life and they will get a life of happiness and healthy. Astrologer Rudra Sharma has helped many people who were under the effect of gandmool dosha in their respective birth horoscope. The gandmool dosha and these naskshatra are not very auspicious and therefore it is required to demolish the effect of it from one’s life because the person is likely to suffer from many problems in life from time to time and on each and every step.
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Gandmool Dosha
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