Kundali matching

Kundali matching

As we know Marriage is the second beginning of life of both the person who is going to marry with each other and both of them want they would understand the problems and needs of each other after the marriage and this can be happen only with love, care and respect in their relationship. The male partner wants that his wife would do the all things that I will tell her and also never cheat him as well as she always listen to him and also take care of him along with his family moreover his wife would understand his financial problem and do needful help after the marriage because she is going to the member of his family and on the side female partner wants from her husband is loyalty, care and love.
But PERFECTION will never occur because every person has drawbacks and every person has problems in the life but due to which many type of problems arises in the process of marriage.
So this type of problems which cannot allow couples to do marriage can be cure by doing kundali matching of both the partners. Kundali matching is also called horoscope matching and with the help of it an astrologer get the average of score of guns by matching the horoscope of both the bride and bride groom so that according to the score astrologer can give the indication of marriage success. By kundali matching the panacea of the problems which indulge between the processes of marriage also get and is considered as very helpful.
There are 8 factors which decide the average score of both the horoscopes and these 8 factors are: Varan, vasya, Tara, yoni, Grah maîtri, gan, bhakoot and nadi. The average scores give the indication to do marriages is given below:
There are maximum 36 average score who are generated by kundali matching of both the partners and the scores specify a marriage relation.
Less than 18 Not recommended for marriage
18 to 24 Average, Acceptable match and recommended for marriage
24 to 32 Very Good, successful marriage
32 to 36 Excellent Match
Astrologer Rudra Sharma to get the accurate report of kundali matching:
You can consult to astrologer Rudra Sharma who is very expert in generating kundali matching report and he has helped many people in doing success marriage and all of them are living happy married life. She is not only help in doing marriage even that she also take care of you and your relationship for the whole life.
He also solves the problem that arises after the marriage because your problem is not your problem it’s his problem either because he considers your problem as his problem and rectify it by giving you best remedies to solve the before marriage or after marriage concerns. To contact with astrologer Rudra Sharma call to him at his own given number in the website and you can also do e-mail, Whatsapp for any other enquiry.

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Kundali matching
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