Mangal dosha

Mangal dosha

At the time of marriage of bride and bridegroom the kundali or horoscope of both the person are matched and analyze for the defects and one of the prominent fault is manglik dosh which is very hype throughout the Hindu people but before it we should need to know about what is Manglik dosha and what connection is does have with the marriage. it is true that Manglik dosha impact a person after marriage but it can be cured with some remedies provided under the guidance of veteran astrologers according to the study of astrology moreover once people cured this Manglik dosha they will find a better fortune before than so in this way people could get the benefit by utilizing their Manglik dosha after marriage or before marriage. let us discussed below what it is.
What is Mangal dosha or Manglik? The planet Mars which is also known as Mangal in Hindu’s vernacular language caused a effect on the life of one’s and the people who are born under the influence of the mars are called mangliks. In astrology there are 12 houses and a person is called if Mars planet is placed in the 1st, 2 nd , 4 th , 7 th , 8 th and 12 th house of the horoscope chart. It is said that if a girl or boy is manglik and they got married with normal people their spouse will die after the marriage but in my life I have seen ample of couple has are living a happy married life without of any loss because they have cured Manglik dosha under the guidance of astrology.
Mangal dosha is caused by the effect that the planet Mangal or Mars has on one’s life. Those who are born under the influence of this planet are called Mangliks. There are 12 astrological houses and you are considered a manglik if Mars is placed in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of the ascendant chart. The actual reason for mars planet is that mars planet is considered as a potential donating planet because it gives the energy to the people for sexual drive and as we know people are very sensitive and excited in doing sex activities but if the mars planet is not in right position and is giving the Manglik dosha to the partners then there would be no satisfaction of sex in between two partners and many of the problems can arise
. Some people say that if a relationship has love then there is no need of physically satisfaction but in if we see this factor practically it plays an important role in keeping a marriage life happier. If the desire of sex could not fulfill after marriage then the misunderstandings are start to arise between the couples and may lead to not only disputes but also divorce. So this is the main fact of Manglik dosha how it affects the life of married people of manglik and the theory of death of Manglik dosha is wrong.
If you are manglik and want any help in doing marriage and to eradicate problems due to Manglik dosha then consult with our astrologer Rudra Sharma.

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Mangal dosha
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