Nadi dosha

Nadi dosha

Nadi dosha is considered as very graving matter which concludes various kinds of problems between married couples and the effect of Nadi dosha is very deep it may separates husband and wife is it has not cured with time and before the marriage. as we know most of the people matched kundali or horoscope of both the bride and bridegroom with each other to get the kundali score or we can say gun milan report so that it can be predicted if the marriage would get success or not and in the same region Nadi dosha occurs when the nadi or naadi of both the partners happens to be the same.
As per the Vedic astrology nadi is one of the prominent factor or kootas in the 8 kootas which is analyzed during the time of gun milan and according the report of horoscope matching it plays an crucial role in deciding whether the bride or bridegroom should marry or not moreover it helps to choose perfect partner for bride and bridegroom separately before the process of marriage. The 8 factors or we can say 8 kootas combined together to give a gun Milan score upto 36 in which more than 18 considered to be ok to do marriage and rest of the under the 18 suggested to not do marriage. Nadi kootas describes a great role for deciding a match for happy married life moreover only the kundali matching is nothing but with this we can get the compatibility of mental, physical and financial of both the proposal partners for marriage.
The nadi is different for husband and wife because of the difference in their kundali but however they put a great impact in minimizing or eliminating the Nadi dosha according to the astrological charts. Hence the decision of marriage should be taken under the guidance of astrologer which can guide you right about Nadi dosha.
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Marriage is very big decision of life and has shared responsibility of both the partners to make relationship till the life strong and understandable but there must be some disputes between husband and wife due to these types of doshas.

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