Name is the identification of a person as well as business, brand etc and a name has a grand importance in the life of human being because a name will decide the nature of person and the future of person according to astrology. When a name is assigned to a person if the name has some meaning then it is considered as very unique whereas without meaning of name is nothing instead of the identification to call. Name is often use to address the people and the objects and name is also called a noun which has unique value in the field of English grammar also and based of it we are able to recognise each other and the objects because when a name is assigned to someone it gives the identification for the whole period of its duration. Many studies have been done on the base of the names and it is reckoned that the people and the business which have meaningful name related to the depth of universe are more lucky than others which does not have meaningful name. This is the reason why people need to do namkaran during the time of assigning name to new born baby and the business or shop which they are going to do.
In the life of Hindus, people have keen desire during the namkaran that the name of their new born baby would be meaningful and is related to the God and the name of baby which is of God’s name and resembled to the God’s name is seems to pronounce pleasant and gives a soothing effect. Most of the name of the people is without meaning but sound nice during pronunciation. During the ceremony of namkaran procedure as per astrology is followed and according to the birth dates name is assigned to the new baby born.
A good and unique name of a person drives that person to the heights of sky only if the person has guts and determination to do something. For example, Mukesh Ambani has launched telecom service that is Jio and if we demonstrate the meaning of Jio then it is blessings which is obvious related to the name of God and we also know Jio has gained the maximum number of customers In very few time and due to this India has became the 3 rd country in consuming data per year.
so in this way a perfect name is very helpful to the people and If you want to name your baby after the birth and want to give a name to your business and shop so that in future nothing will happen bad then do the namkaran from our best astrologer Mr. Rudra Sharma. He has the deep knowledge of astrology and utilizes the astrology to do namkaran perfectly because he believes that namkaran of someone is done once in life and it is the thing which gives identification to the people and helps that person to get bright future. So by wasting no more time consult to him.

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