Shani dosha

Shani dosha

Whether all the planets which are referred by astrology have merits and all of them are prestigious because they help astrologer in finding horoscope and to do remedies as per various dosha’s but it is also true there are still few planets which affect the life of people if they are not pleased by each individual and for the same Saturn planet is the most feared planet and this planets is also known as Shani. The Saturn planet is malefic planet because it makes life of natives very complex and always put stumbling blocks in their way of specific ventures moreover it forced the people to become limited and restricted in order to make their life well comfortable. But as we discussed earlier all the planets have positive affects so for this Shani is known for justice and pays a crucial role in order to make structure and discipline to the world.
Shani dosha or Shani mahadosha is the period when a person is under the affect of this planet due to which this planets rules over that person by making every step of life hard if Shani is not ecstatic from that person but along with this Shani also helps people in good manner.
The good and the bad aspects of Shani planet are relying on the horoscope of people and karma. The time at which Shani dosha occurs is when the Saturn planet is comes in any of the cardinal housed related to person’s natal chart because this is the time when Saturn position is entered with other planets. Saturn planets is eminent for justice and according to this it justify the people as per their goodness and badness like it gives benefit to good people and it harms to evil people. so to escape from the hazards which arise from the influence of Shani dosh sin someone’s horoscope must pleased the Saturn planet and remove the affects of it from your horoscope and it could only possible with the help of astrologers. Astrologers who will read the birth chart according to birth detail of someone and get the insight of the planetary influences at various steps of life so according to it they can provide appropriate remedies to cool down Shani or the planet Saturn so that it will not affect you and your life.
If you want to do it then you will need to consult astrologer Mr. Rudra Sharma who will give you accurate guidance and who will leave no stone unturned to eradicate the affects of Shani dosha from your kundali or horoscope.
There are numerous of Pooja’s and remedies to pleased Shani or to remove the affects of it and these Pooja’s are Ganpathi smaran, shaanti path, Shani dosha nivaran Pooja, Shani mantra jaap and Shani havan. It is best for you kindly contact to astrologer Mr. Rudra sham who will do Pooja for you at your best time and at your best place so that you will not face any obstacles again in your life.

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Shani dosha
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