Vastu consultant in Ludhiana

Vastu consultant in Ludhiana

Ludhiana is a smart city as it has various multiplexes, shopping complexes and malls moreover it is also known as hosiery hub of Punjab as well as industry hub due to exportation of cycle parts. Punjabi Agriculture University which is eminent throughout the world is also in Ludhiana and its Rose garden attracts the people outside of it. Ludhiana is providing countless job opportunities to the people not only to the Punjab but also outside of it as there are many people who have keen desire to live here permanently for which they take dreams to build their own house but it is very important do vastu shastra before starting construction of it. Vastu shastra will guide you in assigning direction to each part of the house or any building so that in future people would not face any trouble.
Vastu shastra has the ability to assign the directions to the infrastructures as per planetary motions this is due to as we know from the birth to death every individual has been under the influence of these celestial bodies and according to the directions of it as per one’s horoscope these bodies lead a person in to positive and negatives paths. Vastu shastra has been using from ancient time as the people are used to of it while building their structures and this is the reason why people in old ages were happier and health as compared to today. If you either want to live an ecstatic life by escaping from numerous of troubles then consult to our vastu consultant in Ludhiana i.e. astrologer Rudra Sharma.
Important suggestion as per our vastu consultant in Ludhiana:
 The main door is welcome opening of positive energy and opportunities and it must be located in the most recommended direction as east direction is considered as auspicious direction.
 Vastu shastra protects you’re the house from the frequent illness, money issues etc.  According to vastu shastra given by vastu consultant in Ludhiana, the shadow of the tree impact house prosperity and this called a “Chhaya Ved”.
 Centre of the house is the heart of the house and should always be left open in order to keep it sacred. Kitchen, toilet in the center of the home also leads many problems in house.
 Rectangular shape dining table always preferred but square is either fair but round shape dining table introduces unhealthy situations amongst the family members.
 Never keep your Pooja room adjacent to toilet wall.
There is many more other important suggestion which is as necessary as above information. If you want to know then consult to our vastu consultant in Ludhiana.
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For vastu consultant you can fix direct face to face appointment by booking an appointment through calling on his given mobile Number in the website. Timings for the appointment bookings are 24x7.
Telephonic & Whatsapp chat consulting is also available for those clients who are not able to come for face-to-face consultation. You can also contact to vastu consultant in Ludhiana on Whatsapp too.

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Vastu consultant in Ludhiana
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