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Living in own house is the dream of everyone and every person has keen desire to live in a house where no problem will occurs and therefore house is become the heart of people as people have various emotions, feelings and nostalgic memories linked to it. All of we want to live with our family members in our house but sometimes due to bad circumstances we have to suffers a lot and sometimes situations become so pathetic they could snatch our happiness as well as family members and this is happens due to negative energies which directly hurt the people by entering in their homes. People will have to suffer from health problems, financial problems, family disputes and many more due to incorrect construction of their houses because the houses which are made imperfect do not have the ability to avoid such bad energies which create pathetic circumstances and situation around the members of house.
So for this vastu shastra given by vastu consultant helps you in making a house which is good at to repel bad energies and keep house holy in order to get blessing so that people can enjoy all sort of life without any tension.
Vastu Shastra Tips by Vastu Consultant:
Some useful vastu tips our vastu consultant Mr. Rudra Sharma.
As we know there are bed rooms, kitchen, dressing room, Pooja room, lobby etc. in a house which can be build by the owner of the house but the position of these rooms should be made under vastu shastra. Rest of these the most paramount part of house is main entrance from where positive and negatives energies are entered and it is considered that the houses which has main entrance toward east are more sacred as per the others but now a days due to lack of land every person could not get plot as per this requirement so in this case vastu shastra helps the people in order to keep main entrance at right direction and in right way by considering all the other rooms of the house.
 As I discussed earlier main entrance must be in the direction of east or north.
 Vastu consultant always preferred to buy a land in which people could construct their house with main entrance or main side of house toward east side as it is adopted by a large number of people.
 For better luck people could make their house as west facing.
 North facing house is for those people who want to make money in order to become rich.
 South direction gives prosperity only to the people who have facing side of their house in south direction.
This is the limited information about vastu shastra as there are many more aspects in house like rooms, stairs, parking which plays an important role in order to keep residents of house more happy and healthy.
If you want to know about vastu for home construction, contact to our Vastu consultant as he has deep knowledge regarding vastu house plans and he will provide you all necessary guidance about basic vastu for home.

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